The start of the project on "common key technology standards for manufacturing services" will be held.
Column:Valve knowledge Time:2018-09-08
On August 28, 2018, the National Key R&D Program NQI "Research on Common Technical Standards for Key Foundations of Manufacturing Services" project initiatedy ...

On August 28, 2018, the National Key R&D Program NQI "Research on Common Technical Standards for Key Foundations of Manufacturing Services" project initiated by the Institute of Integrated Technology and Economics of Machinery Industry Instruments (hereinafter referred to as Yihei) was held in Beijing Yuanchenxin International Hotel. Eight leaders and specialists from the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration (hereinafter referred to as the General Administration), the National Standardization Commission (hereinafter referred to as the National Standards Committee), the China Institute of Standardization, the General Institute of Mechanical Science, Tsinghua University, the China Association for the Application of Mechatronics Technology, and the China Association for the Maintenance and Transformation of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment. The meeting was presided over by Vice-Director Mei Ke of Yihei Institute. 21 project backbones from 15 project undertakers participated in the meeting.

First of all, Vice Director Mei Ke of Yihei Institute, on behalf of the project undertakers, welcomed and thanked the attending leaders, experts and relevant personnel. The leaders of the General Administration and the National Standards Committee introduced the management process, key points of implementation and relevant national policies of the special projects, and required the participating units to conduct in-depth study and cooperate to successfully complete the projects. Dr. Liu Xiaojing, Director of Standardization Department of Yihei Institute, undertaking the project, reported on the project objectives, research contents, assessment indicators, current situation and trend analysis at home and abroad, technical route and task decomposition, project implementation progress, research difficulties and innovations, organization and implementation, and risk analysis. Subsequently, the subjects carried out a detailed report on the specific implementation of the project.

Aiming at the outstanding problems such as unreasonable distribution of service-oriented manufacturing industry, imperfect manufacturing service system, lack of standards and lagging behind, the project develops 43 common technical standards for manufacturing service core business, such as manufacturing service system, product operation and maintenance service, production facilities management, industrial cloud service, customized service, etc. The implementation of the project will promote the rapid popularization and application of new manufacturing service modes and new formats, and accelerate the transformation of China's manufacturing industry from production-oriented to service-oriented.

After listening to the report of the implementation plan of the project undertaking unit and each subject undertaking unit, the expert group has carried out the demonstration and evaluation of the implementation plan. The expert group agrees that the project task division is clear, the implementation plan is reasonable and feasible, and meets the requirements of the project task objectives and assessment indicators. At the same time, some valuable suggestions have been put forward to ensure the smooth development of the project.