The development trend of the valve industry will be the focus of energy development
Column:Valve knowledge Time:2018-09-01
According to the statistics released by the Research Institute of Prospective Industry, the market of China's industrial valves will exceed 20 billion yuan by 2020. From 2014 to 2020, the overall...

According to the statistics released by the Research Institute of Prospective Industry, the market of China's industrial valves will exceed 20 billion yuan by 2020. From 2014 to 2020, the overall market growth rate will gradually slow down, but the growth rate will remain at 10% - 6%, and the market is expected to usher in a new cycle after 2020, is expected to reach 27 billion yuan in 2025

Statistics and forecast of China's industrial valve market in 2014-2020 years. Data sources: public information, foresight Industry Research Institute.
It is expected that in the next few years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of industrial automation, the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and the sustained growth of state investment in oil and gas, petrochemical, environmental protection, electricity, metallurgy and other fields, the overall scale of China's control valve market will maintain a relatively rapid growth.

Market demand structure analysis of industrial valves in China
Among the global market demand for industrial valves, oil and natural gas, including drilling, transportation and petrochemical, accounted for the highest proportion of 37.40%, followed by energy, electricity and chemical demand, accounting for 21.30% and 11.50% of the global market demand for industrial valves, respectively. The market demand in the first three areas accounted for 70% of the total market demand. .20%. In the application field of domestic industrial valves, chemical industry, energy and electricity industry and petroleum and natural gas industry are also the most important markets for valve sales. The market demand of valves accounted for 25.70%, 20.10% and 14.70% of the total market demand of domestic industrial valves respectively, accounting for 60.50% of the total market demand.
Market demand structure of industrial valves in China. Source: prospective industry research institute.
Analysis of four short boards in valve industry

1., irrational industrial structure and serious overcapacity.
With the rapid development of the valve industry in the past few years, the industrial capacity has expanded excessively, and the market environment has deteriorated. Although the total demand has increased year by year, it is far from keeping up with the growth of supply capacity. For example, the homogeneous competition of ball valve, gate valve and globe valve is becoming increasingly fierce. Valve industry development status analysis, long-term constraints on the development of the industry's product quality is not high, the key core technology is subject to people, backward industrial management, lack of well-known brands, extensive development methods and other contradictions, has made the transformation and upgrading of the industry urgent.

2. the ability of independent innovation is weak, and the quality of products is not high.
According to fluid mechanics, Japanese enterprises have installed a throttle valve in the faucet to control the flow of water and prevent water from splashing on clothes; however, it is difficult for domestic enterprises to do so, which is also the reason why foreign faucets can be sold more than 10,000 yuan, and domestic faucets can only be sold for hundreds or even tens of yuan. Valve industry development status analysis, valve enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, from bias to quantity, scale expansion to pay more attention to the pursuit of quality, efficiency, promote the healthy development of China's valve industry. Limited by technical barriers to other small and medium-sized valve enterprises, can consider geothermal water diversion and other valve demand of the emerging areas of subdivision, enhance the supporting capacity of the project, improve the added value of valve products.
3. lack of world famous brands and multinational enterprises
Now most of the valve industry has low grade and repeated varieties. Many enterprises often produce all kinds of valves, variety, miscellaneous specifications, the market needs what to produce, want to do what to put into production. Valve industry development status points out that some enterprises lack of innovation, not to mention the products with independent intellectual property rights, individual still copy, copy other people's products. Enterprises do not have their own brand products, like a road to the black, let alone the development and growth, simply can not cope with the fierce market competition.

4. industry standardization is not perfect.

Valve industry development status analysis, China's leading formulation of international standards accounted for less than 0.5%, "standard age" than Germany, the United States, Britain and other developed countries more than one time. With the continuous development of valve technology, the field of valve application continues to expand, and the corresponding valve standards are increasingly indispensable. Valve industry products into a period of innovation, not only product categories need to be updated, enterprise internal management also needs to deepen reform according to industry standards.

With the rapid development of foreign modern large industry, the development status of valve industry has been developed rapidly. The total number of enterprises in China has increased to more than 5000. Private enterprises have become a new force in China's valve manufacturing industry. Their scale and output value are constantly expanding. Many enterprises can organize production according to foreign advanced standards. The technical standard system of door industry is relatively complete. In the 1950s, many countries have formed independent valve specialty and its industry system, providing technical support for the development of enterprises.

With the technological innovation and industrial progress and development, the development speed of oil and natural gas is constantly improving, and the related matching competition in all walks of life is becoming increasingly fierce. Valve industry is also moving towards a highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption direction. Valves are sewage treatment, papermaking, metallurgy, petroleum and natural gas, production process necessities. In the next 10 years, new valve products for nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines, coal liquefaction and metallurgy and other major construction projects will become the focus of development and will hopefully lead the whole energy industry.